Tjb Clark Fyans Portrait

Clark Fyans

40.7608° N, 111.891° W

Mountain guide, photographer, producer, surfer, collector, guitar player.

At the age of 10 Clark got his first SLR camera. Ever since, his career as a guide and producer has taken him around the world, finding and capturing epic places and moments at each stop along the way. From the mountains of the Arctic to the beaches of Baja, Clark is always traveling into new and dangerous territory, demanding he stay ready for whenever things may go south.

When he’s not traveling, you can find him in Venice Beach surfing, playing guitar, and editing footage from his adventures. We’re stoked to be a part of Clark’s everyday carry kit helping keep him prepared for wherever he happens to jet off to next.

Marina Del Rey, California

Favorite James Blade
the Chapter - Damascus

Producer / Photographer

Daily Carry
Rolex, guitar pick, the Chapter

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