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The Cache

Titanium + Brass

Daneson Toothpicks

Atlas Mint

Making the simple beautiful

A Shared Ethos

This collaboration was born out of a mutual passion for quality, design and ritual; a shared vision to make the simple things beautiful. This shared ethos attracts people who are patrons of both brands; people who, at this moment, have both James° and Daneson in their pocket.

Like the knife, the toothpick is one of man’s earliest tools. It’s still as useful today as it was thousands of years ago, and it can’t be replaced or simulated via digital means. Like The James Brand, Daneson believes in elevating analog experiences, and thus makes the finest toothpicks on the planet. The two brands decided to work together to create the ultimate experience around this classic everday-carry product.

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For your EDC

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What's in the box?

The Randolph cache was designed hand-in-hand with the team at Daneson, and comfortably holds 7 toothpicks, keeping them safe and dry inside your pocket. The Randolph will also hold your other daily essentials like some emergency cash, medication or other small valuables. With it’s titanium and brass construction it’s going to be with you for a long time.

The Daneson Atlas Mint toothpick flavor is brand new, and is launching with the collaboration. This flavor originated in Morocco where Daneson’s founder once spent time fording rivers and traversing the High Atlas in a clapped-out Fiat Uno. Every evening Bedouin hospitality would take over with a comforting mint tea and a welcomed offer to sleep on hand made wool rugs. This herb, married with our combined exceptional standards makes the Atlas Mint toothpick a thing of beauty.



6al4v titanium barrel with 0-ring seal


CNC-machined with lanyard loop

Overall Length

9.8 cm / 3.9 "


1.3 cm / .5 "


31.2 g /1.1 oz


Milled in the USA


American Northern Birch


Atlas Mint

Number of Included Toothpicks

2 bottles (24 total)


TJB Limited Lifetime Warranty

James × Daneson Starting at $85.00