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James x ROAM : the County.

To commemorate the successful completion of "Lines to Hawaii" we've teamed up with Travis Rice and the crew at ROAM to create a limited edition version of the County featuring a co-branded laser engraving and a plastic-free lanyard. In addition, we're proud to help turn the tide on ocean plastics by donating ten percent of all profits Adventure Scientists’ efforts to reduce microplastics worldwide.

By this time we sincerely hope you have had the chance to watch Travis Rice and ROAM’s Original short film Lines to Hawaii.

Back in September, I met the crew of Falcor in Honolulu and brought the team out for some well-deserved Korean BBQ. After weeks at sea they had big appetites—and bigger stories, including how meaningful it was to collect water samples for Adventure Scientists global microplastics study. As I sat and listened, I wished I had something special to commemorate the occasion that would last longer than the gyoza.

It occurred to me that a knife would be the perfect remembrance. I asked Travis what his favorite style was.

‘Check out James Brand,’ he told me. So I did.

Turns out the team over at James Brand are really, really good at quality craftsmanship. We commissioned a small batch of knives for the crew of Falcor. The custom version of the County above was the result. And the reaction was so positive we decided we needed to share it with fans like yourself.

Here’s your chance to be part of the adventure. We'll be taking an extremely limited number of pre-orders. With your custom knife, you will also get a special photo print from the expedition. We’ll also be donating ten percent of all profits to Adventure Scientists ongoing work to reduce microplastics worldwide.

– Christopher Jerard, ROAM Founder

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Overall Length

6.00” (15.2cm)

Closed Length

3.5" (8.89cm)

Blade Length

2.5” (6.4cm)

Blade Thickness

0.09” (2.3mm)

Handle Length

3.50” (8.9cm)

Handle Thickness

0.35” (8.9mm)



Blade Shape

Modified Straight Back

Blade Type


Lock Type

Slip Joint


Nail Nick

Carry Style

Pocket / Lanyard

Carry Orientation


Blade Steel

Sandvik 12C27


416 Stainless Steel


416 Stainless Steel


Phosphor Bronze