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Made For Shaun

A whole lot of substance backed with plenty of style, this kit will be there when you need it.

Made by James.
Made for you.

We make knives and tools for people who live adventurously - for people like you. Everything we make is built with you in mind. Created to go from the pocket to the hand, and back again.

That’s why this Holiday season we’re continuing our focus on the driving force behind our brand, our products, and our stories – people like you. So, for this year’s Holiday Gift Guide we decided to highlight four stories– and four collections of products–that put the idea of “Made by James - Made for you” into a more personal context.

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A maker, a doer, a rider.

When you’re constantly moving a million miles an hour, you need a knife that’s rock solid, no matter what you throw at it. Whether it’s squeezing in a gravel ride before work, tending the garden late into the evening, or making time for a week(s) long surf trip, Shaun Daley is always down to put in the extra effort to make it happen. That’s why Shaun carries the Carter XL– to do work.

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Made For Shaun