Tjb Ti Collection Hero 3

The Titanium Collection

3 of our favorite knives, in our favorite material.

Tjb Ti Collection Showcase

Full Metal Jackets.

Three of our favorite knife designs, built with our very favorite metal: Titanium. We’re no strangers to Ti – we’ve been leveraging this amazing material as a key element in our designs since day one. It’s stronger and lighter than steel, with a finish that’s subtle yet solid in-hand, and it has incredible toughness, balanced with remarkable corrosion resistance. We like it so much that we decided to make new editions of the County and of the Elko in Titanium, to pair up with our classic Titanium Chapter for our first-ever materials collection.

Tjb Ti Collection Hero 1
Tjb Ti Collection Chapter Detail
Tjb Ti Collection Elko Detail
Tjb Ti Collection Elko Hero
Tjb Ti Collection County Hero

The Titanium Collection