Life on the Rocks.

We've been working with Savannah Cummins for years now, and we've always admired her attitude, aptitude, and general approach to living. She's historically made her living as a professional rock climber, but she's also making her mark as a professional photographer and cinematographer, working with folks like National Geographic, us, and many others.

Savannah has had more injuries than one cares to recall, and the surgeries that come along with them, but nothing slows her down. She's not one to sit on the sidelines, and she adapts readily to her own conditions and those around her. We wouldn't recommend taking her on in a bar fight or betting against her, and we are proud to call her a part of the TJB family.

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A Day at Ruth Lake.

"It's days like these that remind me why I'm so passionate about climbing and exploring the outdoors." - Savannah Cummins

Summer can be the most difficult time of the year for climbing due to the heat. Savannah often heads north to cooler climates, often bouncing back and forth between Utah and Wyoming, all the while living in the van she designed and built with her dad back in Ohio.

Earlier this summer, Savannah and some friends headed up to Ruth Lake in the Uinta Mountains of Utah for an afternoon of climbing. The area sits at about 10,500 feet, and overlooks the lake, offering up amazing panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The higher elevation made for some cooler temperatures, and an epic day of climbing.

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