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The kind of tools that become a part of your everyday.

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We believe that the things you carry say something about you. We design knives and tools that are practical, not tactical, with a modern & minimalist design aesthetic you can depend on, day after day.

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James° × Sebo Walker

We teamed up with Portland, Oregon artist, skateboarder and family man Sebo Walker to create a limited-edition of the Duval, our front-flipper pocket knife. We produced 50 of these Duvals which feature Sebo's artwork on each side. No two knives are the same, so you’ll be putting a piece of artwork in your pocket.

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German Roamers

Exploring the Ghost Forest of Germany.

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The Wayland

A classic slipjoint done right

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The Humboldt Manifest

Scratching The Itch.

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