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Open Your Records with Intention.

You know that feeling when you finally get your hands on a new record that you’ve been coveting? The first thing you want to do is get it opened and spinning on your turntable. We know that feeling, and we designed the Abbey for precisely that moment. Created in conjunction with our friends at Vinyl Me, Please, the Abbey is a small, fixed-blade knife made from a highly corrosion resistant stainless steel, featuring a real vinyl LP inlay made from recycled VMP records and housed in a top-grain leather sheath. Put one next to your turntable and you’ll always have it handy when those records show up.

Lost Sounds Found.

We know that analog experiences matter, and that some things can never be digitized or simulated. Music binds us all together, and it's easily available, anytime and anywhere. But there's something deeper to be found when you hold a vinyl record in your hand and read the liner notes. Albums are seminal pieces of work, designed to be listened to in order, in a particular setting. There's an experience to be had with vinyl listening that we both know is important.

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For The Music Lover.

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Closing the Loop.

The handle of the Abbey is made with recycled vinyl records that we pulled from VMP seconds inventory, with the grooves provide a natural gripping surface. lt's a detail that connects the tool directly to the music. This is one time when it's OK to put your hands on the record.

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Analog Experiences Matter.

Vinyl Me Please and TJB both believe in the power of real experiences. In a world where so much can be digitized and simulated for the sake of convenience, it's more important than ever to realize the value of doing real things in the real world. We're happy to bring this collaboration to life with our friends at VMP and we hope that it encourages you to participate in more analog experiences. Life cannot be simulated.

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Analog Audio.

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3.0" / 7.5 cm


0.6" / 1.7 cm


0.2" / 0.4 cm


0.6 oz

Blade Material


Handle Material

Reclaimed Vinyl LP


3mm Paracord


Embossed Leather


Custom VMP Collaborative ULU Bead

Designed In

Portland, Oregon

Made In

Yangjiang, China

James° × VMP: the Abbey Starting at $79.00