The Elko: Acetate

For summer, we’ve released a brand new acetate version of our Elko keychain pocket knife. Acetate traditionally is used in the eyewear industry, where it’s revered for its durability, depth, rich tones and beautiful finish. Our acetate scales are cut from a singular sheet and made by hand, using the exact same processes from the high-end eyewear industry. The Elko is finished with a foil logo badge that is “floated” in the acetate, and is ready to go right on your keyring, where you’ll reach for it multiple times a day. No two are the same, and all are amazingly beautiful. It’s a great way to elevate your daily carry.

Why Acetate?

Acetate is derived from wood pulp and natural fibers; it’s a natural material known to be both durable and beautiful. Acetate is a really flexible material, meaning that it’s available in a wide variety of materials and colors; it’s popular in the fashion realm for the range of colors and patterns. It has various levels of translucency, meaning it can show a lot of depth or it can be totally opaque. It’s a stable and sturdy material which tends to flex before it breaks, meaning it can totally take a beating; it’s not afraid to be dropped or banged around a bit.

Minimal form, with maximum utility

The Elko: Acetate

Classic eyewear stylings meet our most minimal EDC blade.

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