TJB 21 Wayland Web Hero 01
TJB 21 Barnes Hero Laydown Ti 02

The Barnes

God is in the details.

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TJB Jess Mudgett Web Orton12b

The Humboldt Manifest

Scratching The Itch.

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TJB Hells Canyon Chris Cosentino Story Cooking 02

The Hells Canyon

The modern, outdoor chef’s knife.

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TJB Pike Hero 2000x1500 Setiawan Rosewood08

The Pike

​The pocket knife, reimagined.​

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Screen Shot 2017 10 31 At 11 11 23 Am

Mark Carter

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TJB 20 Daneson Story City 02

James° × Daneson

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TJB 20 Hell Gap Story Lifestyle 01

the Hell Gap

Sometimes everyday carry means more than just being in your pocket. Designed to be at your side during your most ambitious excursions, the Hell Gap is our first fixed-blade knife. Named after the Hell Gap projectile point arrowhead found in Platte County, Wyoming, the Hell Gap is a rugged workhorse, like the land of its namesake.

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TJB 20 Carryology Web Lifestyle 03

James × Carryology

This collaboration began back in 2019 when we asked Carryology readers and the EDC community about the gear that they needed most when traveling. The response was clear: products that were highly versatile, compact and airport friendly.

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