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James° Ambassador

Paul Hewitt

Barber, father, husband, entrepreneur.

50.9097° N° N, 1.4044° W° W

About Paul

Paul Hewitt’s journey to becoming a world renowned barber and founder of an international clothing brand began with a realization that the bartending life wasn't for him. Paul left the nightlife scene and jumped into an apprenticeship at a hair salon, where his love for tattoos and irreverence didn't quite match up with the clientele. It wasn't until he discovered the barbershop scene that the job became a passion.

Now he spends his days expressing himself creatively through his brand and barber shop BLB BLACK L’AMOUR BARBERS channeling inspiration from tattoo, skate, and street culture into his lifestyle brand. Paul is a great addition to our family, and we’re excited to be included in his everyday carry kit.

Hometown Favorite James Blade Occupation Daily Carry
Brighton, UK the Chapter – Black + Black – Straight Barber Scissors, comb, clipper, the Chapter