aaron draplin playing guitar

James° Ambassador

Aaron Draplin

Graphic designer, public speaker, son, patch collector, business owner.

42.3314° N° N, 83.0458° W° W

About Aaron

A larger than life figure in the creative world, Aaron Draplin has been designing everything from logos to posters since 1995. He pulls inspiration from whatever artifacts he can dig up, never passing up a chance to check out food labels from the 70's or an old cardboard box, sticker, or emblem for inspiration.

Recently, in addition to overseeing the ever-growing Field Notes brand, Aaron has been traveling the country sharing his love for design while still finding time to collaborate on new projects from Nixon to Coal Headwear. Aaron brings a totally new range to The James Brand team, we're lucky to have him board!

Hometown Favorite James Blade Occupation Daily Carry
Detroit, Michigan the Ellis Graphic Designer Field Notes, pen, the Ellis