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Knife Pivot Lube

Knife Pivot Lube

The original KPL formula

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Proper Knife Care and Feeding.

Knife Pivot Lube is a 15 weight, fully-synthetic oil specifically for knives. Use this lubricant around your main pivot (the hardware holding your blade to the handle) to keep dirt, metal particles and grit from messing with the awesome action of your knife. KPL actually helps clean your knife while you use it.

Product details

Keep it clean
This is one of the fundamental three rules of knife maintenance; a clean knife can last you a lifetime.
Keep it lubricated
The best way to keep metal parts for scraping against each other. Use it on your main pivot - it’s also great anywhere you have metal parts moving against each other.

Technical specifications

10 ml / .3 fl ounces
15 weight (medium)
Non-staining crimson
all steels and metals, ball bearings, bronze washers, etc.
Temperature Rating
-40F to 400F