TJB EG STORY 2000x1500 15

James × Elyse Graham

TJB EG Story Showcase

Hand-Poured Resin Valet Tray

The TJB x EG Duval

Steel Blue + Silver Stilwell

Meta-material Ring Dish

A limited-edition collaboration with materials artist and designer Elyse Graham.

Driven by the desire to make beautiful, functional tools and objects, Elyse Graham and The James Brand have joined creative forces to build a stunning collection that merges the beautiful, rich material and texture of Elyse’s metamaterials with our modern, minimal aesthetic.

TJB EG STORY 2000x1500 14

Experimentation with Resin.

The philosophy of the Elyse Graham Studio is built around embracing the unknown and inviting chance into the process. While experimenting with resin and exploring its properties, she has pushed the material beyond its intended uses to create objects that are a combination of instinct and chance, chaos and control.

TJB EG STORY 2000x1500 13

Chance, Chaos & Control

TJB EG STORY 2000x1500 06

No Two Parts The Same

TJB EG STORY 2000x1500 08

About Elyse Graham:

Elyse Graham was born and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with her family. She graduated from Brown University in 2003 earning a Bachelor of Arts in Semiotics. Graham founded her studio in 2014 after merging her successful jewelry line with her fine art practice and embracing her desire to see how far she could push the resin that she had been experimenting with.


An Extremely Limited Collection.

The outcome of the collaboration is a limited-edition Duval pocket knife created with Elyse Graham's resin metamaterial scales. Each knife is unique and individual.

In addition to the Duval, we've created five box sets using Elyse's material. Included in the set is the TJB x EG Duval pocket knife, a valet tray with a built-in pen holder, a ring dish, and our Stilwell pen. All of the objects are made out of the same block of resin. No two objects are the same. This is one for the archives to be sure. Only five of these will ever be offered.

James × Elyse Graham