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James° × DDC: The Draplin Capsule Collection

"Buddies making cool stuff"

Work with your friends.

We have been friends, fans and collaborators with Aaron James (!!!) Draplin for many years. We love Draplin for the commitment to his craft, his sense of humor, and for his heart, which he wears unapologetically on his sleeve. Simply put: they don't make em' like Draplin. For the first time, we've worked with Draplin to create a full-blown capsule collection of fourteen different products, all tied together with his signature orange color. It's the orangest collection we've ever done.

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6 days of mayhem.

Starting right now and for the following five days we are going to add new releases to the collection daily. We'll send out an email and post on our feed at high noon Pacific each day to let you know what's dropping that day. As the products drop, they get added to the official TJB x DDC collection.

This means you are going to see new stuff from us every day from now until Saturday at high noon, so be on the lookout. Historically, our Draplin collaborations have sold out in minutes, so be ready to take action!

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James° × DDC

From Draplin himself:

“Here's the story on this one: My buddy Ryan Coulter (from TJB) and I go way back, and were connected even before we first met in 2004-ish. His first gig as a board designer for the mighty Solid Snowboards coincided with my first freelance snowboard graphic for them that winter of '93–'94! Turns out we've been connected for 28 years!”

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“Fast forward to 2012 and he tells me about a new project he was starting up with some friends: The James Brand. I'll never forget the first time he handed me their initial knife prototype. It floored me. Not necessarily the design details or the high-tensile precision, just more the fact that they were even able to pull it off?

It defied so many things in our little orbit”

TJB 21 DDC Story Folsom 03

Sharp As Shit.

“It's been so cool to see Coulter integrate his design experience both the little and big leagues into The James Brand. Their innate ability to think through and work out the finer points of an object's function and feel? It took work, planning and guts to roll the dice on something that could go very wrong. I loved that they were going for it, even in the face of inherent risk.

To see it all come to life? A pocket knife I use every day? It was really moving to me. Still is.”

— A. Draplin, DDC

James° × DDC: The Draplin Capsule Collection